Connecting Scotland

Connecting Scotland

Most recently Forres Online has been participating in the Connecting Scotland initiative. The Connecting Scotland Programme aims to get 50,000 digitally excluded households online by the end of 2021. We have been helping people in priority groups to access equipment and support to get online. These include older people, people with a disability, families with children and no access, and care leavers. 

Connecting Scotland also provides advice to citizens trying to get connected. You can access support and some helpful films below;

How to choose a device & internet;

Information on choosing a device, what mi-fi is and why we recommend it over broadband, and what data means and how much you need – read more

How to set up device & internet;

Information on how to set up the device and how to set up the wi-fi – read more

How to use your device;

Information on how to switch on and use the device – read more

How to stay safe online;

It is important that you know how to keep yourself safe online – read more

How to do things;

Information on how to use the internet, make video calls, use email, etc – read more

Computer terms and jargon;

The online world is full of jargon like, ‘inbox’, ‘spam’ and ‘upload’. It can be very confusing to someone who never used the internet. Here are some common jargon words you may see or hear – read more

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