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Employability coaching and courses help you gain the confidence and skills you need to get you on the pathway to a job you’ll love. If you are unemployed and of working age, you can access our employability programme.

Our programme is part of the Moray Pathways Opportunities. 

Whether you have been out of work for a day or for a while, you are a returner after a childcare break, or you are a young person starting out, then check out our options for free support.

We offer:

  • One to one coaching and training
  • Weekly job club so support and guidance
  • Employability and digital courses to teach you the skills you need step by step

If you need help with any of the following, we’re here to help. 

  • Basic digital skills for work
  • How to use IT tools to communicate, organise or collaborate at work
  • Social media for job search and the workplace
  • English and maths
  • Choosing careers and creating a personal action plan
  • Job search, CVs and applications
  • Presentation and interview skills
  • Managing on a budget until your first pay comes in
  • Coaching to help cope with the first weeks in a new job

Case Study: John  “I’m landing myself a job”

John is updating his digital skills to help him get back into his farming  career.

Before joining the programme, John was working the land, enjoying his job on a local farm.

“I was always scared of technology, and if I tell the truth, probably maths and English too. I didn’t really keep up with the job changing like the others did. In the end I was made redundant. 

I found it harder and harder to look for jobs as more vacancies went online. Gone are the days of adverts in the papers and cards in shop windows. I never got to the point of putting in an application for a job and I just think I got left behind.

I didn’t want to be out of work anymore. I wanted to be proud of telling people what I did for work.

Coming to Forres Online has helped me get up to speed. Generally I’m much better at using a computer now. I’ve got my CV digitally and that really helps when I get to the point of seeing a job I like the sound of and clicking the “Apply Now” button.

My confidence is back and I’m on my way to getting the job I want. I want to get back into working on a farm or estate, but I get now, that I have to commit more to learning and doing the other parts of the job that I didn’t do before. “

If you need help to land yourself a great job, contact us. 

Case Study: Gloria. “I’m a worker and a mum”

Gloria got ready to return to work after the children started school, choosing a new career working with families.

Gloria used to work in a factory. She did this from leaving school before having children and spending time at home enjoying looking after them. 

“Once I had one in school full time and one in school part time, I started to think about how and when I was going to get back into work. 

I struggled to get back into work, but I knew I had to do it to set a good example for my daughters. 

I liked the factory work I did but I didn’t see myself doing that forever. So I was caught between a rock and hard place of just taking any job, and doing something I really wanted. 

I started attending the support at Forres Town Hall.  The support I received was fantastic; I didn’t realise all the things that were out there to help me get work, and importantly get something I wanted to do.

I’ve developed the skills I need to start a new career, and I also got the confidence to go after what I wanted. It’s changed my life.” 

If you would like to find out more about this project, contact Caroline on 01309 674 388 / 07536 978396  or email  caroline@forresarea.org.

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