FACT AGM – 2021

FACT will be holding its Annual General meeting on Friday, 26th November 2021 at 5.30pm.

Members and supporters are invited to join us for the meeting in Forres Town Hall.

The following documents relating to that AGM are available as follows:

1. Agenda

2. Minutes of AGM of 26th November 2020

3. Report of FACT’s activities

Will be available here before the meeting.

4. Annual Accounts to 31 March 2021

5. Election of Directors

6. Proposed/Updated Articles of Association

Explanation of the changes to the articles

The Articles of Association are written rules about running the company agreed by the  members (guarantors), directors and the company secretary. The Directors are proposing a revised set of these rules to bring them up to date with guidance from the Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS), an independent, member-led organisation which aims to promote, support and represent development trusts in Scotland.

The main changes are:

  • Referring to “Board” and not “Directors” when referring to the Directors collectively,
  • Using gender neutral language, for example referring to “they” and not “he/she/it”, 
  • Simplifying the “powers” of the company, bringing them into line with best practice,
  • Simplifying the process whereby members reregister their support of the company,
  • Addressing the ability to run meetings “virtually”, including members’ general meetings, 
  • Setting out more detail on how to address possible conflict of interests,
  • Clarifying the ability to use of electronic means of communication with members, for example for proxies, membership renewal etc. 

Appendix 1 to the Articles lists the postcodes that fall into the Forres Academy catchment area, which is the “community” FACT is set up to provide benefit to. There has been no change to the definition of the community but, as postcodes change from time to time, the list has been updated to reflect the position at October 2021.  

The full text of the proposed Articles is available above or can be obtained at Forres Town Hall. 

The existing Articles are available on the FACT website below and on the Companies House website.

7. Proxy Form