Become a Member

Become a Member

By becoming a member of FACT you are helping to support our projects and your local community. Members receive quarterly newsletters as well as updates about FACT events in the Forres Town Hall. We greatly appreciate all the support we receive from our members.

  • You will be one of the people that make up the body who nominates and elects people to serve as our Directors, normally at our Annual General Meeting. 
  • You are helping to support our projects and the community. You are giving something back to the local area and helping to shape its future.
  • You will receive quarterly newsletters about our community. 
  • You’ll be included in regular updates about FACT events, Forres Town Hall events, as well as information about what’s going on in the wider community.
  • We’ll include you in early opportunities to take part in local consultations we are involved in. 
  • You’ll have opportunities to network and share with other members. If you are new to the area, you’ll get easy access to getting connected to local groups and to make friends with your new neighbours.

To become a member fill out an application form.

You can fill it in online, or download and complete the form:

Send completed forms to Forres Town Hall, High Street, IV36 1PB or email a copy to

If you struggle to complete forms, why not come and talk to us instead.

Online Application

I wish to apply for membership of the Forres Area Community Trust and can confirm that I support the aims and objectives as outlined in the Articles of Association.

The directors will consider your application at the next Board meeting and notify you of their decision by email or post. Membership is valid for three years. Full members are entitled to elect and be elected as Directors. All members will receive regular updates and are welcome to comment on, support and get involved in our activities.



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