Hot Desks & Co-Working

Hot Desks & Co-Working

More than just a desk space. 

We believe in bringing people together. 

Escape from home working, or bunking on a table in a coffee shop. 

Remarkable things happen when people gather together – more so when they work around each other. Collaborating on your passions and ideas, helps you find better productivity and more happiness. The Town Hall can be your home for making remarkable things happen for you and your business. 

Our aim is to help small charities, voluntary organisations and business startups to become successful and sustainable, by creating a community co-working environment that offers more than just renting a desk. 

Within our co-working space, we bring together individual workers and give them the chance to have a place alongside each other, create relationships and work together; we’re all about community over competition. It’s for people who are tired of working from home and alone, and crave some interaction from someone other than the postman.

You’re more than welcome to come and view the space before deciding to see if it’s right for you, just get in touch –

Monthly Rates 

Business: £180 per month

  • Includes heating, lighting, use of wifi, tea/coffee
  • Use of a small meeting room if necessary.
  • Printing up to £18 per month.

Daily Rates 

Business: £18 per day

  • Includes heating, lighting use of wifi, tea/coffee.
  • If you wish to hold meetings a room can be hired.
  • Printing is extra.

Registered Charity: £12 per day

  • Proof of charity status required.
  • If you wish to hold meetings a room can be hired.
  • Printing is extra.

If you are just looking for a space for a one off meeting, check out our Town Hall hire instead. 

As a member you enjoy…

Co-working workspace in our community area

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Access to a community of innovative individuals 
  • Beautiful historic workplace

Visitors welcome

  • Welcome a visitor to the space at no extra cost.
  • Additional private hire evenings and weekends for meetings, networking and events at preferential rates

Useful Stuff

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Tea and Coffee… and sometimes biscuits
  • Colour Printing/copying by arrangement
  • Mailing Address
  • Storage Box
  • Stationery supplies in case you urgently need to post something, stick something, laminate, staple.

They are ideal for those looking to escape the isolation of home working or bunking onto tables in a coffee shop, those who are incubating a new business and are not yet ready for their own accommodation, and organisations that benefit from working alongside others who have a shared interest in the community.