FACT History

FACT History

The organisation was incorporated in November 2011, and then registered as a Scottish Charity in June 2014.  It was formed in response to the threatened closure of RAF Kinloss and to try and make the Forres area resilient to such a marked change in the local area. Despite the base not closing, and there being a number of changes to the occupation and use of RAF Kinloss, almost eight years later FACT has still forged an important place in shaping the Forres area. 

The FACT team created an ambitious development plan to cover 2013 to 2018. It was founded on the principles of sustainable development, and making the best use of local assets to address the challenges faced by the community.  The “Growth Plan” was based on priorities identified by local people and focussed on:

  • Town centre renewal
  • Developing community tourism
  • Improving youth work
  • Transferring important assets into community ownership 
  • Promoting wellbeing and healthy living 
  • Delivering environmental projects

FACT has successfully delivered the Growth Plan set out in those early days and following a full review of its achievements in that time, is currently developing a new Community Plan which will be published shortly. 

FACT is a member of the Development Trusts Association for Scotland, the Heritage Trust Network, tsiMORAY, Moray Federation of Community Halls and Associations  and Befriending Networks Scotland. Membership of these organisations provides us with invaluable opportunities to network with other similar organisations, share and develop best practice, access training and development opportunities for our workforce and members of our community, and help us grow our range of services and projects. 

FACT is well placed in the community to represent local views in the development of strategies and action plans that affect our area. For example FACT contributes to the consortium of bodies led by Moray Council that are focussed on the appraisal and management of the Forres Outstanding Conservation Area.

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