Leave a Legacy

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Forres Town Hall was created over 200 years ago by people who had the foresight to create a beautiful community building, knowing they would never see it in its maturity.  Just over 10 years ago another group of people created the Community Trust to develop the area. Bringing the two together has created alchemy that will help the Town Hall remain a place of beauty for everyone and ensure that the fortunes of Forres are bright.

Each generation makes its own memories here. You can play your part in this tradition by leaving a gift in your will and ensuring the future Forres Town Hall and Forres Area Community Trust that manages it.

Leaving a will is about making a positive choice about the future and it ensures all of your possessions and assets are passed onto the people and charities that you choose. This is unlikely to happen if you do not make your wishes known. Without a will your choice is lost.

Many people give to charities throughout their lives and if this is the case, leaving a gift to FACT would just be a natural continuation of your support. Not everyone has the ability to give during their lifetime, and in that case, providing a gift in your will is a very special opportunity.

Sometimes people are worried about leaving money in their will to charity, because they think this may take too much from what they leave to their family and loved ones, but you can ensure your wishes are followed exactly by leaving money in different ways. You can choose to leave a specific amount in your will or leave a percentage of the money that is left when all other bequests are dealt with. This means you can be sure family will be taken care of first. You can also leave a specific legacy of an amount or belonging or property with a specific use in mind. This means you can control how your money is used by the charity.

Another way to help is to ask that donations are made to FACT after your death, perhaps in lieu of funeral flowers. All you need to do is tell your solicitor or undertaker what you would like to happen; it can help them if you give them our  charity number, which  is SC044953.

Making a simple will does not need to be expensive and if you are over 55 then you may be able to get a simple will drawn up free of charge during “Free Wills Month” in October each year.  There are also other initiatives like “make a will week” and “Will Aid” where solicitors waive their fee in lieu of a donation. FACT is not directly involved in these initiatives.