How do I apply to become a volunteer?

You can fill in the form online or download our online Volunteer Application Form to apply to join us. If you struggle to complete forms, give us a call or come and talk to us instead.   

Online Application Form

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FACT keep your personal data for no longer than reasonably necessary but it may be kept for a period of up to 6 years in order to comply with our Constitution and funding obligations. The information we ask for is to help us carry out the administration of your role which includes keeping in contact with you regarding all aspects of your volunteering. This will include; contacting you about opportunities & contacting you about the work we carry out.
The Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme through Disclosure Scotland is developed to ensure those working with vulnerable adults and young people are suitable. Roles specifically defined as ‘regulated work’ will require the Volunteer to complete a PVG Application Form and to have relevant checks carried out. This can include checks with Agencies and Police Forces in other countries. Where a Volunteer Role is not defined as ‘regulated work’ there will be no requirement to complete the PVG Form. Having a Criminal Record may not exclude you from Volunteering. All Volunteers who have not completed the PVG Form will be expected to complete a Self-Declaration Form.
Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a Volunteer with FACT. We will be in touch to discuss volunteering roles.
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Once we have received your application form or we’ve met you and completed the form with you, we will request a reference from each of your referees.

Upon receipt of satisfactory references, we will invite you in for an informal chat and introduction to the volunteering roles in FACT before you commit further to volunteering with us. For some volunteer roles, where you may be working with children and young people or vulnerable adults, we will also require you to complete a PVG form or a Self-Declaration Form.

Depending on individual circumstances, a health issue or a criminal record does not necessarily exclude you from volunteering. Any disclosures will be treated as strictly confidential and kept securely in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation.

If you are offered a volunteering placement, you will be asked to sign up to our volunteering agreement which sets out what we can expect from you and you can expect from us. You will receive an induction and training before starting in your role. 

Support for Volunteers

When you volunteer with FACT we want you to feel supported and part of the team so you can expect:

  • A fair and transparent application and selection process.
  • We will meet the costs of a PVG check where this is necessary for the volunteering role.
  • Flexible opportunities which can fit in around your life and commitments.
  • The chance to develop vocational experience which will enhance your employability. 
  • You can ask us to provide a reference for your time with us as a volunteer. 
  • Opportunity to develop your existing skills and use them to support FACT. 
  • An induction into the organisation and your role with us.
  • Be included in the training offer for our workforce.
  • A description of the role you will be doing to support us and a volunteering agreement between us that sets out what you will do for us and what we will do for you.
  • An experienced line manager to oversee your training, support and development.
  • All tools, materials and safety equipment to do the role will be provided.
  • Proper insurance cover for whilst you carry out your role with us.
  • Excellent safeguarding and health and safety support.
  • A refund of all reasonable agreed out of pocket expenses.

Support Us

Volunteering Opportunities

Like our staff vacancies, our volunteering placements change over time.